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Fake news, alternative facts, virtual realities… Media that were meant to connect us are taking on a life of their own. They blur borders between the actual world and its image and they answer questions about true or false with the loudest voice or strongest image. Our workshops this year offer a reality-check. They dip your hands into matter, confront ancient knowledge with high-tech, engage you with innovative companies and let you connect to real people – here and now!

Our workshop program for the coming season is now online and we are pleased to see courses filling up quicker than expected. At last minute we added a few cherries to that cake: Lex Pott and Ferréol Babin, two of the best tutors of the past year, Jorge Penadés as one of our alumni who made his way to the top, Krzysztof Lukasik together with the luxury brand LOEWE, good flower power of the present age with PYRUS, and Katharina Unger, who is going to serve food of the future. For a detailed menu please take a look at our website.

Attention: we strongly recommend to reserve your place soon – this season we’ll offer less places!

The results of past workshops can be seen on our Facebook page, Instagram and on Vimeo!
Check it out!

DOMAINE DE BOISBUCHET_SUMMER TEASER 2018 from Domaine de Boisbuchet on Vimeo.


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